deSolid State (aka Tim Combs)

deSolid State is an interdisciplinary artist, coder, educator, and web developer with a hybrid new media practice, working through the intersections of machinic intelligence, distributed interaction, and visual abstraction by creating physical and digital works on a variety of analogue and digital platforms to drive conversation about that which is easily overlooked and ignored. These works often take the form of interactive Twitter bots, real-time experimental video performances, Tumblr galleries, websites, or sculptural installation.

He is currently fascinated with the ethical implications of our contemporaneous blend of real and irreal spaces, our online and off-line worlds. As new patterns, new visual “grammars” continue to emerge across platforms and technologies for audience engagement, he comments on the exponential increase of video screens, and how our interactions are increasingly distributed, collated, tracked, and stored in real-time by algorithmic systems across the internet.

Select projects and exhibitions